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How Does This Work?

We post your video on a niche related blog tailored to people who likes your type of content. Whether its Hip hop, R&B or EDM, we put you in front of the perfect audience that will suit your video content.

We watch your video plus take time to research you 👈

I know your flattered but listen we make sure we get all our information right before writing an article on you. Yes your not just getting your music posted but it will be featured with a small article that will draw them in to listen to what you have to say. The traffic from the blog will not only put your content in front of people but will generate your video views, likes and comments. We have tested many different types of music with our promotion strategies throughout the years and learned how to gain hundreds of thousands of fans with marketing.

Increase YouTube views

Starting at $12

The problem with other services is they cannot guarantee your video is being watched or your engagement is coming from real people. All views we bring you are High Retention. What's High Retention?


We guarantee your video will be watched

We will market your video until you reach 10,000 views we can also go further to 20,000 views.  

Buy YouTube Views

Traffic Lines (SocialTurnUp)

With us marketing your video will see a boost real views, likes and comments., with the help of our social media pages like Twitter, Facebook and instagram.

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